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Racial Equity Resources

The mission of NWSISD is to “envision a global community learning and growing together, by providing students, parents and staff educational opportunities that are multicultural, diverse, and promote racial integration.” We do this by:

  • Working to create culturally inclusive learning environments by creating awareness, opportunities, training, and resources
  • Working to create inter-district interactions among students, staff, and parents that improve intercultural competency and increase student achievement
  • Working to assist students, including students from racially diverse backgrounds, to be  prepared for post-secondary success

Staying true to our mission and vision, we want to provide necessary resources for educators to promote racial equity. We at NWSISD want to support you wherever you may be on your equity journey.  The list of resources are not exhaustive but meant to be applicable and accessible.

“Some of us have years of experience organizing in our communities, and others are new to engaging in this way.  For some, anti-Blackness and police violence are deeply personal, painful lived experiences. For others, anti-racism and allyship are ongoing processes of learning, unlearning, and working toward a practice of humbled solidarity”
(Teaching Tolerance, June 2, 2020).


Black History Month

Racial Equity Resources