The Essence program is available to all students in our seven member districts in middle and high school. While enrollment is inclusive, targeted population are students who have been identified by their respective school of needing extra mentorship support for both staying in school and improving their school experience.

We meet with students twice monthly, during the school year, at their school, to work on curriculum which focuses on four constructs: 

  • Expectations
  • Aspirations
  • Opportunities
  • Achievement

Students have the opportunity to participate in out-of-school educational experiences during the school year with other students from across the collaborative.  Field trip experiences include:

Service learning - giving back to our community
Base Camp - leadership skill building

College and Career Conferences - both for middle and high school students

College Visits

If you have any questions about the Essence Girls Mentorship Program, please contact Nneka Onah at 763-450-1336 or at

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