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Click on "Link to Portal" to access the student add/change portal. The portal will open in a new browser window. You will need a password to access your school's student add/change portal. . 

The following basic instruction will assist you in accessing and using the NWSISD magnet school student add/change portal.  If you need help using the NWSISD portal, please contact NWSISD at (763) 450-1303.

Magnet Schools Student Portal 

The purpose of the magnet school portal is to allow schools/enrollment centers make changes to existing records and to add new records.  Once you log-in to your schools portal, you will have three options: New Assignment, Edit Existing Assignment, or Data Export/Excel.

New Assignment:  Use this option when adding a New Student - or "New Assignment" - to the Portal.  

Edit Existing Assignment:  Use this option when making edits to existing student's record such as address changes, transportation, withdrawals, end dates, etc.

Data Export/Excel:  Use this option to export a complete download of students in the portal.

Portal Entry​