Contact Us:

​​9201 W. Broadway #690 Brooklyn Park, MN 55445 

Telephone:       (763) 450-1300    Fax:    (763) 450-1348

​Hours of Operation:  

Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

August 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024

If you have questions about magnet school or program availability, please call the magnet school / enrollment center / district office for more information.

District Office 
Main number (763) 450-1300 
Fax number (763) 450-1348

Transportation (612) 789-5128

Executive Director
Heather Lyke

(763) 450-1307 

Office Manager/Executive Assistant
Chelcie Johnson
(763) 450-1302 

Engagement and Operations Coordinator
Kim Haggen
(763) 450-1300

Project Director of Magnet School Grant

Randy Koch
(763) 450-1305

Communications and Magnet Specialist 
Krisanthy Sikkila 
(763) 450-1303 

Student, Family & Community Empowerment (SFC) Specialist

Keyana Felder

(763) 450-1336

Student, Family & Community Empowerment (SFC) Specialist

Tommie Gaston

(763) 450-1306

Multicultural Education Specialist 
J. Ayenna Davis 
(763) 450-1331

NWSISD Transportation 

Melanie Krueger

Jerry Anderson
(612) 789-5128 

Driving Directions

Lattice Design

The lattice design, exclusively designed for NWSISD, is a combination of modern

geometrics, an ode to intricate patterning

of Islamic and Celtic art, and the interrelationships of cultures, people, and programs. Our font selection in our print brochures is a combination

of modern outlook on integration techniques and handwritten notes to highlight the active process of the NWSISD programs. 

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