The Multi-district Collaborative Council (MDCC) for NWSISD includes members of a racially isolated school district and its adjoining districts.  This group plays an important role in making sure the cross-district student activities in the Achievement Integration (AI) Plans are implemented and run as intended.  This team also identifies cross-integration opportunities between isolated and adjoining districts and helps develop the integration goals.

Current members of the MDCC:

  • Anoka-Hennepin School District:  Nate Manaen, Director of Student Support Services and Becky Brodeur, Associate Superintendent 
  • Brooklyn Center Community Schools:  Jena Olson, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose School District:  Nancy Eiynck, Education Equity Coordinator
  • ISD728 Elk River|Otsego|Rogers|Zimmerman: Kristin Hall, Curriculum Specialist and Kelly Corbett, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Fridley School District: Jason Bodey, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Osseo Area Schools: Duane Wadally, Equity Director
  • Rockford Area School District:  Rob Danneker, Director of Teaching and Learning

Multi-District Collaborative Council

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