Students Reach New Heights at Base Camp

Forty-seven students from around the NWSISD collaborative took a field trip to Base Camp on Monday, October 10. Base Camp offers students an opportunity to lead, be challenged, and build self-esteem.  This was one of several multi-districts field trips sponsored by NWSISD. Students were from Rogers High School Essence and Diggin Diversity programs, Andover High School Essence program, and Brooklyn Center AVID/Essence programs.

Students were put through a series of challenges where they needed to not only support each other but also rely on each other to think through strategy and ways of completing challenges.  Teams worked on developmental relationships, expanded their possibilities within a group by leading, shared power by working as a team, and challenged growth with team building exercises.

Base Camp is a camp in the city, a one-of-a-kind interactive experience located in Fort Snelling.  Opportunities are offered year-round for team building, rock climbing, rope courses, and archery.  Learn more about Base Camp.  

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