Joint Powers Board

Chris Riddle
Fridley Public Schools #14

Marcia Lindblad (Alternate)

Board Members

Amy Edwards
Rockford Area Schools #883

Ted Botten (Alternate)

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The NWSISD Joint Powers Board is the governing body of NWSISD.  The board has responsibility for the care, management, and control over the programs and activities in the school district. The school board has powers and duties specified by statute.  The school board’s authority includes implied powers and specific powers granted by the legislature.

The membership of the NWSISD board is comprised of one school board member from each of the member districts.  In addition, the NWSISD Executive Director serves as an ex-officio member, and an at-large representative is a member district Superintendent, who will attend on a rotating basis. Each member district school board shall fill the vacant, unexpired terms of its representatives on the NWSISD board as vacancies occur.

Ruthie Dallas
Brooklyn Center Schools #286

John Solomon (Alternate)

Jeff Simon
Anoka-Hennepin School District #11

Tom Heidemann (Alternate)

Ken Ogden
Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools #877

Bob Sansevere (Alternate)

Jamie Plantenberg-Selbitschka
Elk River Area Schools #728